Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Saturday at the Houston Gamers

Saturday I headed out to Midnight Comics to catch the Houston Gamers and got in a ton of games. Some of the usual suspects were missing, due to Gulf Games going on this weekend. Nevertheless, I got in a lot of good stuff:

  • 2-player San Juan with Tim, won by a single point. Built a gold mine on the 5th turn to counter Tim's 3rd turn gold mine, and mine never paid out.
  • 4-player Race for the Galaxy with Tim, Debra, and a guy whose name I never caught... I won 39-36-29-25. This was a learning game for Tim and Debra, so it's not like I was playing for blood.
  • Von Kap Bis Kairo with James Spurny, Doug, and Jenny. Lots of tough decisions in such a little package.
  • Light Speed with James, Doug, and Jenny. Doug won with 17 points, the rest of us failed to break 10...
  • Naval War with James, Doug, and Jenny. I hadn't played this Avalon Hill classic before.
    Flickverk with James, Doug, and Jenny. A cute little speed game by Friedemann Friese.

I also saw games of Last Night On Earth, Elfenland, Tribune: Primus Inter Pares, Reiner Knizia's Money, and Arkham Horror hit the tables. They had already played Pandemic and Metropolys, too.


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