Thursday, July 10, 2008

At the library: a two-act play

A long-suffering DADDY is at the dinner table with his two KIDDOS (ages 4 and 2.75):

ME: What did you do today?
ALEX: We went to the library.
ME: What did you do at the library?
ALEX: We saw a SNAKE! It was long!
ME: How long was it?
ALEX: This long! (holds hands straight out with all digits up).
ME: The snake was 10?
ALEX: Yeah! (nods vigorously) I petted him ONE time.
CORI: There was a, a, a, turtle.
ME: Was he running away?
CORI: No, he just walked.

Later, while DADDY is walking while holding ALEX's hand with CORI on his shoulders:

ME: So, Cori, did you pet the snake or the turtle?
ME: Did they ask you?
CORI: Yes.
ME: Oh, and you said, "No, thank you?"
CORI (definitively): No, I said no.


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