Monday, June 30, 2008

Why Debian?

Chris asked me why Debian was on the Linux server I gave him:
  • It doesn't suck. It's rock-solid stable.
  • Easy net-based install only downloads the packages you want.
  • It's got apt-get and aptitude for package management. Want to try something out? It's as easy as typing apt-get packagename at the command line. Want to check for updates and see what all's out there? Poke around with aptitude.
  • Enough people are using it that there are decent forum answers for most problems.
  • It runs Apache2 for serving web pages, and ddclient for dyanmic DNS pages.
  • Basically, the Knoppix cd is a Debian livecd. If you like Knoppix, you'll very likely enjoy Debian.
  • Lower system requirements than Ubuntu. Even horrible, tiny machines can run Debian like a champ.


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