Sunday, July 20, 2008

July board game party

We're recovering from a giant games party yesterday. Obligatory name-dropping - game designer Kevin Nunn brought some protos and his printer's proof of the not-yet-released Duck Duck Go. It looks gorgeous, with great production values. The modular map tiles have a great heft to them, and, of course, the rubber duckies are excellent.

Attendees: Kevin and Debra, Len and Crystal, James, Anye, Lewis, Ashlea and Jeremy, Larry, Tim G. and Dustin from Rice U., Doug C. and his kids Jenny and Kevin, Michael and Maura and Madeline, and I. At one point, we had 4 tables going. This is the most people I've ever had in our townhouse.

Games learned by me: Glory to Rome, Wicked Witches' Way, Incan Gold.

Games played by me: Glory to Rome (x4), Travel Blokus (x3), Perudo/Liars' Dice/Bluff (x2), Wicked Witches Way, St. Petersburg, Incan Gold, and Gloria Mundi.

At other tables, I know Ubongo and Nexus Ops hit the table, with lots of Tichu getting played. There were also at least 3 outbreaks of Pandemic.

Thoughts and commentary: Kevin's red beans and rice were excellent. I asked 2 people for a total of 7 folding chairs, and we used them all. It bothers me because I don't really want to buy up more folding chairs, nor do I want to end up with more regular chairs lying around the house.

I made up for never playing Pandemic yesterday by getting in a lot of Glory to Rome. I came in second in one game of Glory to Rome, and lost the rest horribly. Definitely good stuff... I previously bought a an earlier-edition copy from Ray Mulford but hadn't bothered to learn it yet. GtR is a little more chaotic than Race For The Galaxy and San Juan, but it scratches the same itch. One thing I didn't like about GtR is the Catacombs building, which ends the game immediately when built. This happened twice in our 4 games (Lewis built it both times). I deliberately avoided building it when I got one. Anyway, I'm going to see if I can get Lee and Larry to give it a try.

Len and Crystal also gave me a check for a bunch of stuff they sold on eBay for me. "Never own what you can perfectly emulate," works great as a motto.

Wicked Witches' Way was interesting. It's a speed game where you roll a bunch of dice, then try to subtract out matching symbols and memorize the remaining ones as fast as you can. I sucked at it, big time, coming in next-to-last.

Incan Gold is all right. I might pick up a copy as a filler. Michael took the continue/bail out cards and put them in clear plastic card protectors, which I will definitely emulate if I get a copy. The game itself is a press-your-luck title, but it's got a definite ending, so that's good.

Other than that, it's just... I spent a month or more planning this, with three games on my to-play list. Two of the three got played, but not by me... oops.


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