Saturday, July 26, 2008

Collections, ruminations, procrastination(s)

Man, Coldfoot hit 400, while Matthew Marquand is hovering around 100, like me. Here's a big collections statistics post on BGG.

I got out my copy of Glory To Rome (bought used from Ray Mulford). The newer version I played last weekend has changed some buildings' powers and texts to make them clearer and more playable, has changed the material icon to the name of the material, which speeds play, and the central player mats are larger and include better reminder text for each of the roles. Executive summary: definitely buy the newer edition.

What will be the next hundred games of my collection? Agricola is at the printer, so it'll be on the way soon. I no longer want Race For The Galaxy (R.J. owns it, that's good enough). Funkenshlag and Zepter Von Zavandor are on the way, got at good prices, but time will tell if they're playable with my group - I already know R.J. doesn't care for Zepter. I'm still looking for cheap copies of Mogul, Goa, For Sale, and Railroad Dice: Germany. Looking over the top hundred titles on BGG, there's not much left that I think I can buy for a reasonable price AND get played regularly. Beyond that, meh.

I enjoyed getting some cash for culling a few games, RPGs, and NES titles from my collection, which will pay for the acquisitions coming in.

It's very possible that the next hundred games in my collection may be the overflow of printing up copies of 18IA next year (hopefully still on schedule for that). The project continues apace. Preorders have slowed a little, so I'll need to do some marketing while still knocking out development items for it.

Other than that, I have 2 play-by-email train games going, one an 18AL game that should finish soon, and the other an 1861 game that has been slow to get going. I'm starting another two games soon, with the potential of a third. They don't really take much time to play a turn, but they do tie me to my Windows machine for Cyberboard.

I'm thinking about wiping that system and making the jump to Debian for my central computer, but I'm afraid of taking the plunge and then being all kinds of irritated. I have been experiencing odd computer behavior that could be a creaky Windows installation (bought several years ago, never had to reload or restore it), or could be impending hardware failure. Recently, I acquired a "junker" Dell D800 laptop where the screen doesn't work, but the secondary video out and everything else works great. I'm pondering hooking that up as my web server, upgrading from the ancient Dell laptop I use as a toy web server currently, or trying to turn off my main Windows PC and seeing how well I can make the transition to Linux.

Other things I've read recently: This article by J.C. Lawrence on "board game moves as negotiation offers" was interesting (it's easy to construct a parallel with driving in moderate-to-heavy traffic; you can't really talk to other drivers, but need to communicate well OR CRASH!). He's got a game design in the works about Polynesian gift societies, and is also an avid 18xxer, and his posts on BGG are well-constructed.

Lesbian Dad got married. I've been trying to figure out what to write about this, and can't seem to be coherent, so "Congratulations!" will have to do.

Another gushing review of Pandemic. Definitely a good acquisition on my part.

Schuyler's box of inappropriate words. One of my favorite blogger dads. Rob loves his kid and doesn't take any crap from anybody.

FreakAngels: It's on now. This fascinating webcomic by Warren Ellis has kicked up the conflict another notch.


Blogger Matthew Marquand said...

Yikes! I hate to see that people have noticed how many games I have :-).

The bad thing is I have a $100 gift certificate burning a hole in my pocket (GameSurplus) and I also have 2 games on backorder (Galaxy Trucker and Rails of Europe) and Tinners' Trail being shipped from England on the slow boat.

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