Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Monday night Power Grid

On Monday night, Michael and R.J. came over and we got in a game of Power Grid on the northern end of the Germany map.

It was an odd game, with the high power plants coming out in such a way that the game stalled out for a couple turns; unfortunately for everyone else, I got into last place and began consuming all the coal and oil being generated. With the high connection costs on the Germany map, we basically sat there a couple of rounds coasting and building up cash... I went into the final turn and just tossed my 230 electros on the table with an "I'm sure this will connect 5 cities."

In hindsight, R.J. was right, we should have played the Benelux map with the lower connection costs and the rule about dropping the lowest power plant every round.

I have also received my copy of Power Grid's predecessor Funkenschlag, which involves a write-on/erase map of Germany. I feel sort of spoiled as the production value's just not as good, and now I want to find more maps to use with it. Oh, well.


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