Sunday, May 13, 2007

Fluxx with Family

Last Friday, Lee and I flew to Iowa with the girls for my sister Rachel's graduation from Iowa State University's vet school. My other sister Amy brought my niece Hannah, so all the girls had a blast playing together. I gave Rachel a copy of the first Powers graphic novel, as well as a personalized bookmark. I gave Amy and her husband Jack a copy of Reiner Knizia's Blue Moon City.

Random stuff from reading the program:

  • Here's the veterinarian's oath, in case you were curious.
  • George Washington Carver has an honorary degree from ISU, having attended as an undergrad.
  • ISU has a mace. It is a +3 Mace of Education, and probably does double damage against zombies, if available.
Anyway, I guess the graduation speaker was okay - definitely not as good as the time I saw Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. speak at Rice University once upon a time.

We did get in a game of Fluxx back at the hotel, which was good (am I keeping a Gamecount, here? Yeah, well, I have a lot on my mind). Rachel gave out a lot of great stuff from her trip to Germany this spring, including some tiny Haba games for the girls and copies of Blindes Huhn, and Chinesische Mauer, known here in America as, well, Blindes Huhn and Great Wall of China for me.

The Days Inn we stayed at pretty much sucked, other than the continental breakfast. The management were fairly apathetic about the whole thing, and I've slept next to airplane engines quieter than their defective bathroom fans. Being graduation weekend, they knew they'd hit 100% occupancy no matter what. Our room was close to the front desk so I heard at least two "Sorry, all booked up" refusals.

Overall, the trip went well - I brought my work laptop with Baby Einstein DVDs to play on the airplane and in the hotel if necessary. We got a travel car seat with retractable wheels, which also acted as a decent stroller. Finally, we packed light and had some gifts mailed back to us, rather than haul them along. Cori melted down on the airplane at exactly her bedtime, and really, who can ask more of a toddler?


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