Sunday, November 19, 2006

I signed up for OwlCon

I signed up to run games at OwlCon, the Rice University gaming convention in early February. I've gone as a participant a couple times, once as a coordinator (I'll do that again... once I don't work for a living), but mostly I've run Cheapass Games demos there.

This year, I sent in 2 Cheapass Games event slots, and one Power Grid slot, all for Saturday. The con starts Friday afternoon, runs all day Saturday, and goes into Sunday afternoon. There are overnight events on both nights, and lots of gamers end up working Friday, then rushing to Rice and being awake for another 3 days straight, crashing about 4 p.m. By running games Saturday instead of Sunday, I avoid most of the sleep-deprived people.

The slots are four hours each, with a one-hour break in between. I'll game from 10-2, 3-7, and 8-midnight. This is sorta bleah, because I'm an old fart in my thirties, and it's tough to stay energized that long.

I got a quick note from Andy Solberg, head honcho of the con, letting me know they've already got a Power Grid event, and he'd love to have me run stuff, just not a second Power Grid slot. This is fine, and I appreciate his candor. Now I gotta figure out, "What do I like enough to run?"

The problem is the part where I'd like to keep 5 or 6 players busy...


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