Thursday, November 09, 2006

Welcome to the present day

Okay, so there was a party at Larry's about 2 weeks ago, involving Transamerica, Fluxx, Apples To Apples, and Blue Moon(x2). That's 5 game sessions with no totally-new-for-me games.

There was a night of boardgaming here at the house, involving much wine and taboulli. Shear Panic got played, but not by me, and I led a rousing half a game of The Big Cheese. I called it short as two people's heads almost hit the table from sheer weariness/overindulgence. As the herd left, Todd C. sheepishly asked, "Uh, so I got here too late for games, I guess?" So we played Blue Moon, and I won. That's 2 game sessions, nothing new.

At the Order Of the Stick release party at Tri-Games, I talked a lot with Kevin Brusky, designer of the Order of the Stick game. He's thrilled and exhausted, and is hard at work on a new license, the identity of which I can't disclose, except to say it holds a lot of promise in Kevin's hands. So, yeah, could be anything. I also got to play Blue Moon City with Amy Pike and Debra Joyner. Joy, the owner, also taught me how to play Terra Nova, since she had played once and wanted to try it some more. That's 2 game sessions, and one totally-new-to-me game.

Tonight, we got in a lot of games: Loco and Fairy Tale with Beth, RJ, Tim, and Larry, then Tim had to go, so RJ and I played Blue Moon as Beth and Larry snuck a smoke. When they returned, we opened my new copy of Ark and played that. It's a head-scratcher, deceptively tough to explain and play well. Three sessions, with 2 totally-new-to-me games.

Final Tally:
Gamecount: Individual game sessions played for the year = 172, New game titles played for the year = 35.

Notice here that I'm down to fewer than 60 days to play almost 200 game sessions and learn 17 new ones, to meet the goal of averaging one game session a day, and learning one new game a week. I do have a few sitting around unplayed ever, but they're all weird niche games that are particularly bad for game nights.


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