Sunday, October 22, 2006

Catch-up: Last Thursday: Dream Factory and Blue Moon

(This is a catch-up post from being sleep-deprived and too lazy to post for over a week.)

R.J. has been buying games like crazy now that he's got a great job, so we're seeing a constant influx of new titles hit the table. Tim and Chris also made it in.

Last Thursday's offering was Trauframbrik, which translates from German as "Dream Factory." It's a bidding game by Reiner Knizia about making classic movies to get points. Players bid on different movie elements (actors, special effects, music, guest stars, and the all-important directors) to complete the best movies they can.

Overall, it's satisfying to see movies come together, and as each movie season (out of 4) completes, stand-up Oscar statues get passed out for quality movies. R.J. had forgotten to tell us that the contracts we were trading around in the auctions were worth victory points at the end, which we learned only two bidding rounds before the game's conclusion. This had little effect on the endgame, since R.J. had been accumulating great movies. Everyone agreed it was neat and they'd play it again.

Chris and Tim had to head out, so R.J. and I broke out some new Blue Moon decks and played 3 games before calling it quits. I can already see I'll end up with all the Blue Moon decks ever printed, but it is such an elegant system. There's a starter set with two decks and a little board and 3 plastic dragons, along with the rulebook with all the rules you need for every deck. You can either buy more decks, or not, and be fine at any time. There are a finite number of decks, which aren't randomized or collectible, and there's no real order to acquire them in, for the most part. (Blue Moon x3)

Gamecount: Individual game sessions played for the year = 160, New game titles played for the year = 32.


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