Saturday, September 16, 2006

Blogger doesn't support trackbacks

Seth Godin's a big fan of trackbacks, and dislikes comments. I'm not as convinced, since trackbacks look terrible and don't really allow for true threaded conversations.

Blogger doesn't support trackbacks, but they do support "linkbacks." By support, of course, I mean "support." Here's the page where Blogger tells you what to do. See, I've already modified my page slightly to have my Google Adsense items show up. That means I can either get

Thus, to enable "linkbacks," I merely need to copy snippets of code into 4 or 5 places into at least one, maybe two of my Blogger templates, retest everything to make sure I didn't hose the blog's appearance, and change a configuration setting. Yes, I'll be doing that right now.

Yeah, getting a freeware self-hosted blogging solution is looking better and better.


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