Monday, August 28, 2006

Star Wars - Knights of the Old Republic is a space hog

Lordy. I'm taking my day off between jobs, and after hitting the bank, the gas station, and the grocery store, I sat down to do some maintenance tasks on my PC.

I'm just saying, back in my computer gaming heyday (1983-2001, RIP), games didn't have more than 15,000 individual files on my hard drive and occupy 2.74 gig of space.

Coincidentally, my previous work laptop, after I cleaned it up and ran defrag, was using about 28,000 files and 3.4 gig. That was for all of Windows XP Pro, the full Microsoft Office Professional Suite, a few other diagnostic tools and file viewers, etc.

Now, I'm not saying Star Wars KOTOR is a bad, short game. No, it's so fun and immersive I stopped playing because I knew I'd never get past scratching the surface of the rich, innovative gameplay and character development. I think I missed my window to enjoy the game by about 3 years. Uninstalled it and posted to Craigslist. If I don't get any local takers, I'll post it to and go from there.


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