Monday, October 23, 2006

I owe you some posts, also floppy dogs will not eat Alex

Oh, internet, how can I stay mad at you? Even when Blogger is slow/down/hanging, you're with me forever.

I owe (*see below for terms and conditions) you posts about:

-the Order of the Stick release party, including more waxing rhapsodic about Tri-Games.
-Thursday gaming where Larry showed up.
-being sick as a dog with sick kid Saturday; how sick? so sick, I missed a good birthday party and drank a non-alcoholic home remedy instead.
-Sunday hanging out with Larry a bit, plus showing off a zillion games.

Yesterday Cori, age 1, made her first intentional "more" sign in a reliable and convincing way, and Alex, age 2 and a half, sleeved her first Magic card.

Is it any surprise that we call Alex "Alex-monster?" She called Cori "Cori-monster" the other day. She also talked herself through an encounter with two dachshunds on the playground by narrating out loud, "Two dogs. Two floppy dogs. Dogs not gonna eat me. Dogs not going to eat Alex."

As a reward for reading, have a picture of Alex with a duckie:

He's a wild-west duckie, with a cowboy hat.

*Comes with Paul Anka's guarantee/guarantee void in Tennessee.


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