Thursday, February 23, 2012

2011 Game of the Year: Parade

I have been mulling over the many games played in 2011, and it's past time to say it: Parade is my game of the year.
If this doesn't make you happy, you're a bitter person who hates joy.

List of Parade's awesome features:
  • Voluntarily played many times by me
  • Requested by people other than me
  • Taught to multiple people, all of whom had a good time, some of whom requested to play a second time
  • it's got gorgeous art
  • passed the "wife test," "the Alex test," and the "Mom test"
  • it's in print and readily available, so I don't feel like a pretentious jerk for recommending it
  • it's small, and it's already become one of my go-to traveling games
  • it's from a game publisher who I like, trust, and want to support
  • play is quick: play a card, draw a card
  • it has some strategic depth and replayability
  • it's got enough luck that it doesn't promote degenerate strategies that are no fun for newer players
  • it's not steeped in a rehashed or offensive theme
  • it's a great gateway game
There ya go, buy it at your favorite friendly local game store, or friendly online game store.

My FLGS of choice is 8th Dimension Comics & Games, a clean, well-lit store with helpful employees, and a rack of children's comics for my kiddos.  Easy to find at Highway 6 and West Road, I've always walked out thinking, "Man, I feel good about giving them money in exchange for nerd stuff."  Jeremy and the other employees have been friendly and sincerely helpful. I wish them the best of luck in a tough business.


Blogger Eric Martin said...

I love this game! But no one in my group seems to enjoy it as much as me. I think its one of the cleverest little card games to come out in years.

4:49 AM  
Blogger Billy B. Raby said...

If it passed a wife and a mom test i think ill pick it up. As I get more into the hobby, I find that these types of games get played more with the family, than the heavier stuff.

Also, how is the game selection at 8th dimension? I usually go to Nan's downtown or Swords and Superheroes in Kingwood.

11:29 AM  
Blogger Todd D. said...

it is about 15 total feet of gaming shelves from floor to eye level... I.e. not nearly Nan's size, but they're staffed with people who can make eye contact with their customers, unlike Nan's. Decent mix of Euros & miscellaneous small-box card games. 8th Dimension uses Alliance as a distibutor so they can order it (as will almost any store, since it is essentially free money).

I haven't been to S&S... I hear Little Wars is also good and enjoyed talking to one of their owners a year or so ago at Justo Perez' con.

4:20 PM  
Blogger Billy B. Raby said...

I completely understand what you mean about Nan's.

I am getting into smaller card games like Timeline, and I am looking for a copy of Innovation. Sure I can order it online, but there is no thrill of the find in that.

I heard Little Wars is more Miniature oriented. Like warmachine and 40K

8:41 PM  
Anonymous playmobil said...

Playing Board games is really fun and then its everyones favorite lost girl "Alice" isn't that interesting. Thank you for posting this.

10:09 PM  

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