Sunday, October 16, 2011

Turning 37: Birthday Request: Go get on the National Bone Marrow Registry

Yes, there's been a bit of a posting drought lately.

I've played Parade, lots of 7Ate9, the terrible and pointless Eaten By Zombies, an excellent game of Goa, Animal Upon Animal, learned Neuroshima Hex, taught Twitch, Forbidden Island, and 10 Days in Europe, so my time hasn't been completely wasted.

I also registered for the National Bone Marrow Registry yesterday.  I've been an intermittent blood donor over the years, and recently moved up into donating double red cells (apheresis) which is the preferred method for my B-negative self to be doing.

A website I've followed for years, ChangeThis.Org, sent out an impassioned plea on behalf of Amit Gupta, one of their founders.  Amit went to his doctor feeling a little run-down, and learned he has acute leukemia.  Amit's a great guy, and he's made a lot of cool contributions to the world.  I want him to live.  Key is, he's gonna be tough to match.

Please, for my birthday present this year, if you're between 18 and 60 years old, go read Amit's story, and get on the registry.  Every day counts.  We can save lives, Amit's life among them.

The entire cheek swab paperwork and swabbing (4 long cotton swabs at the corners of my mouth, which you are handed and apply yourself) took 20 minutes from opening the door to heading out into the world.  Make  a contribution that could be life or death for someone in the future.


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