Thursday, February 23, 2012

2011 Game of the Year: Parade

I have been mulling over the many games played in 2011, and it's past time to say it: Parade is my game of the year.
If this doesn't make you happy, you're a bitter person who hates joy.

List of Parade's awesome features:
  • Voluntarily played many times by me
  • Requested by people other than me
  • Taught to multiple people, all of whom had a good time, some of whom requested to play a second time
  • it's got gorgeous art
  • passed the "wife test," "the Alex test," and the "Mom test"
  • it's in print and readily available, so I don't feel like a pretentious jerk for recommending it
  • it's small, and it's already become one of my go-to traveling games
  • it's from a game publisher who I like, trust, and want to support
  • play is quick: play a card, draw a card
  • it has some strategic depth and replayability
  • it's got enough luck that it doesn't promote degenerate strategies that are no fun for newer players
  • it's not steeped in a rehashed or offensive theme
  • it's a great gateway game
There ya go, buy it at your favorite friendly local game store, or friendly online game store.

My FLGS of choice is 8th Dimension Comics & Games, a clean, well-lit store with helpful employees, and a rack of children's comics for my kiddos.  Easy to find at Highway 6 and West Road, I've always walked out thinking, "Man, I feel good about giving them money in exchange for nerd stuff."  Jeremy and the other employees have been friendly and sincerely helpful. I wish them the best of luck in a tough business.