Monday, April 18, 2011

Why I live at the post office

It's been a crazy couple of weeks since I posted.

Work: I'm about to hit 90 days and that will be awesome.  Can't remember when I was so engaged at work with a suitable level of challenges.

I got a boxful of great-quality two-part telescoping game boxes from Games On The Brain, suitable for 18IA copies.

I did what will probably be my last trade on BGG (my copy of RoboRally for 1870). It took almost two weeks for me to get around to shipping it (I threw Coppertwaddle and Chez Geek in as an apology) and honestly, for almost $16 shipping, was it worth it?  I have removed almost everything from my for-trade lists on BGG as well - the vast majority of offers were pathetic and insulting (e.g. someone offered me a $4 thrift store "rare" Careers game for old-school Arkham Horror, etc.)

I also went to the Dallas Games Marathon, which was awesome in almost every way, and took a couple of big boxes of games to sell up there.

We are embarking on an entire-house decluttering project/window replacement project that is also massively disruptive to blogging.