Sunday, April 19, 2009

No closure for torture?

Mealy-mouthed, Mr. Obama. That's some weak, weak sauce.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Whatta haul

Oh, yeah, I bought some games from R.J. while he was having a clean-up-his-apartment sale. The haul was as follows:
  • Wicked Witches' Way (have played and was terrible at it, definitely needed to give another chance)
  • Nexus Ops (have seen being played, looked fun, is at least decent)
  • Havoc: The Hundred Years War (have played and genuinely wanted)
  • Cuba (eeh, was cheap)
  • Tempus (eeh, was cheap)
  • Australian Rails (looking for a shorter crayon rails game than Iron Dragon)
  • Puerto Rico (2nd copy as gift)
  • Saint Petersburg (have played and genuinely wanted)
Overall, a good mix of acquisitions. I'm especially excited about Havoc, a cross between rummy and six-suited poker. It's an excellent filler with a lot of tension packed into a card game.

Gaming, misc

Got in two games of Incan Gold at the Houston Gamers, and convinced Lee to learn Agricola! Very cool, definitely now hoping to get a 3-player game in (have played about 10 two-player games of it).

Other than that, not much happening.