Monday, September 06, 2010

Owlcon 2011 - I'll be there

OwlCon is the Rice University gaming convention. Next one is January 28-30, and I've registered to run games on Saturday, January 29th. I'll be doing an 18IA prototype playtest session, and also a spotlight on Houston designers session. Get in free for running only 2 four-hour slots, etc., etc.

Other than that, I introduced a group of church friends to Can't Stop and Puerto Rico (won twice, but an uphill battle).

In geek news, I took the girls to Fry's Electronics to return something I didn't need, and bought a little wireless keyboard/trackball combo. I love it so far. I also bought a power supply for a dead computer, and I spent some time yesterday swapping it out. Apprehension is holding me back from powering it up. Well, apprehension and the need for extension cables inside - I won't be able to close the case as-is. Am thinking of constructing a monstrosity.


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