Wednesday, December 12, 2007

BGG recommendations

Boardgamegeek introduced a new "personalized recommendations" system. Here's a link to my current recommendations. Here's a partial list as of December 12th, with commentary:

McMulti - very expensive grail game, I think one of the Houston Gamers owns this.
High Society - Reiner Knizia filler
Showmanager - Didn't like Atlantic Star
Louis XIV - interested
Fresh Fish - interested, it's by Friedemann Friese, so that's a point in favor.
Age of Steam - actually played this once but not confident I can rate it accurately.
Caylus Magna Carta - interested
Die Macher - longer game about Germany's elections, the first game to be added to BGG.
Diceland - Deep White Sea - tried it once, not interested
Board And Table Games From Many Civilizations - hmm. Maybe...
Santiago - Interested.
Hex - abstract, not interested
Piecepack - Do-It-Yourself kit
Shogi - could take a lifetime to master
Code 777 - generally deduction games aren't my thing.
Go - could take a lifetime to master

The other ones I don't recognize off the top of my head. To get new recommendations, change the ratings on your games rated 8 or higher, add or remove an 8+ rating to any game, or rate a recommended game.

Yet another way to get board game madness - set out to play games on this list!


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