Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Last gaming of the year?

Friday afternoon, Chris and R.J. came over and we played Race For The Galaxy 3 times in a row. This game is definitely a solid 8 out of 10 for me right now. R.J. won all three times and declared, "This is the best game ever!" In the last game, he scored a total of 56 points, with four 6-point development cards in his tableau. In other words, we were annihilated. There are a couple of strategy articles over at BoardGameGeek.com that I've read since then that suggest I may have had the cards I needed to counter his strategy, but misjudged them and threw them out. At least one game, I was also doing a terrible job of picking roles.

After Chris left, R.J. and I got in 3 games of the Blue Moon card game (Aqua vs Pillar). We had a great time, and I won at least one of the games. R.J., again, "I hate those caterpillar cards!"

This was a great gaming session, and if I really don't get in any more games this year, this was a fine way to end things.


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