Sunday, July 16, 2006


Today Larry and I met up at the church and got in 2 games of Attika. He won the first one when I blundered badly, and won the second one with his emphasis on efficiency. We were setting up for a third game when I realized we had about 5 minutes before I needed to pick up the girls.

We also talked some about the need for one or both of us to buy Power Grid. I let him know I'm working on it by trying to get trades on BoardGameGeek. We'll see how it goes, but we'll probably have to suck it up and just buy it.

While I was at the Houston Gamers yesterday, I saw For Sale, well, for sale. It was 15 bucks for a medium-sized box. However, inside that box are 40 cards and 75 chips and a small set of instructions. It's a good game, but seriously, that's Cheapass Games fodder. For $10-12 more, I could have a copy of Ra, one of the most highly-rated games of all time and a much more complicated auction game with lots and lots of tiles, a board, a bunch of wooden bidding tiles, etc.

Gamecount: Individual game sessions played for the year = 123, New game titles played for the year = 20.


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