Sunday, March 13, 2011


Friday I took Roll Through The Ages to work to teach to the gaming group that meets after 5 pm.  As it happened, I was on the phones until 6 pm, but managed to get over there about 5:20 and spend a few minutes walking them through a turn and clearing up some confusion.

They finished their first game a little after 6, and after swapping players out, we ended up playing a second game, this time with 4 players.  They caught on pretty quickly, and there were a few other spectators, including one of the guys who writes an internal-only blog which is excellent... he was mostly killing time till a 7 pm conference call.

Overall, they all had a great time with the game, and all used different strategies.  I also took the time to quiz them about various other things they've played... sounds like they've got a decent background in Euros, so I'll be a good addition/complement to the group.

On Saturday afternoon. we headed to my wife's parents' place in La Grange, for a laid-back visit.  The girls had a great time, and after Lee and I finally got them to bed, we played one quick game each of Roll Through The Ages and San Juan.  I was glad we'd brought them, since I initially hadn't been sure we'd make the time to play.

Today I didn't get in any gaming, but I did go hold some kittens at PetSmart with the girls (which was almost as good), and a guy at church I taught Puerto Rico said he and his wife bought it and taught it to another couple last week.  Depending on circumstances, we might get in another game night on April 1 for Parents' Night Out, and then a couple weeks after that, I head to Dallas to meet Jacob for the Dallas Games Marathon.


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