Saturday, March 05, 2011

First World Problems

I emailed a buddy the other day to let him know about a copy of Merchant of Venus that had showed up on Ebay with a buy it now price around $80.  He's been talking about it for some time and jumped on it immediately- copies are going for $120 these days.

I had considered buying it myself, but 1. I already have a copy. and 2. even if I told myself I'd turn around and flip it, my track record at doing so isn't all that stellar, and 3. I could already feel myself buying it to resell, then changing my mind and hoarding it as a spare.

Mayfair Games is re-releasing an expanded version of 1830, one of the earliest and most venerated train games in the 18xx series.  It'll retail for $70.  Internet cheapskates are already lining up to discuss price vs. value.


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