Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Pirate Game for kids

Alex and Cori and I created and played a children's game. Sooo: the Pirate Game:

Needed: 2 sheets of construction paper, a pencil, scissors, tape.

Make a fold-up pirate ship, 3 small treasures, and a lot of little word cards with one of the sheets of construction paper. Use the other construction paper to make a gameboard with a pirate camp space at one end, 3 water spaces, and an island space.

Setup: shuffle the word cards, place the 3 treasures on the island space, and the pirate ship on the pirate camp space.

Play: Players take turns revealing a word card. By reading the word card, the player helps the pirate ship move. When the pirate ship reaches the island, it loads a treasure in the ship. The pirates then return to camp to drop off the treasure. Once all three treasures are at the pirate camp, the pirates then turn around and re-bury their treasure on the island.


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