Sunday, December 07, 2008

In the midst of life, we are in links.

Gamer on Boardgamegeek says goodbye. Profoundly moving. "Two years ago I was diagnosed with incurable cancer..."

Live webcam of a box full of puppies. Thanks, internet!

Patient bear. I feel a lot like that bear right now.

It's true. After Hurricane Ike hit, I had a lot of trouble getting back into my regular routine. It's been tough to get around and get boardgames played, which is rough on so many levels. Those who know me also know that the Christmas season is a tough time for me, for whatever reason.

Daria still has only two teeth but is working on two more. She's walking fairly well but still not really talking at all yet. Alex and Cori are still growing and continue to be hilarious at inopportune times.


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