Saturday, January 03, 2009

My Lone Star gaming experience on New Year's Day 2009

Kevin Nunn, designer of Nobody But Us Chickens and Duck! Duck! Go!, has for the last 4 years thrown an invitation-only gaming convention. This was my first year to be able to go, thanks to the kids. I was the second person into the ballroom at the Springhill Suites Mariott down by Hobby Airport.

-Learned and played "Business as Usual," Kevin's presidential re-theming of Pokemon Challenge, with Jenny Curry and RJ Mate.
-Learned and played Snow Tails with Mark Hamzy and RJ Mate.
-Played Glory to Rome with RJ Mate, Mark Hamzy, Marty Hoff, and Tom Bell
-Played Glory to Rome (x3) with Mark Hamzy, Tom Bell, Len Stemberger, and Chris Kolenda.
-Played Glory to Rome (x5) with Kerry Harrison, Tom Bell, Len Stemberger, and Bill Shirley.
-Played Dominion (x2) with Gene Platt.
-Learned and played High Society with Marty Hoff and somebody.
-Played Web of Power with Patrick Walsh, Mike Kent, and Ed Rozmiarek.
-Played Blue Moon City with Patrick and Holly Walsh, and Ed Rozmiarek.
-Learned and played Basari with Marvin Knighton, Aubrey, and someone else.
-Taught High Society with Christopher Weber and 3 other people.
-Played Glory to Rome (x2) with Len, Astro, Charles, and somebody.

About 2:22 a.m., I rolled away, tired but happy. Len and I kept goading each other into playing Glory to Rome... fine for him, as he won half the games he played. I think I won one of all the games, but had a great time with it. I'm running Glory to Rome at OwlCon, so I need practice hearing it explained.


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