Wednesday, June 04, 2008

For the record - game purchases in 2008

My game purchases in 2008, sorted by cost:
  1. $97. 1861: Railways of the Russian Empire, bought with Apache bonus money at the same time we bought the Dyson. Getting it prompted me to start researching game publishing seriously. Started my own play-by-email game of it, too.
  2. $75. Agricola, preordered in November 2007 but paid for in 2008 when Zev pulled the trigger and charged my credit card. Still waiting to be printed.
  3. $30. Ubongo. Paid for with gift card and got Super Saver shipping. Not received yet.
  4. $18. Two Magic:The Gathering theme decks. Unplayed, since Tim and I aren't on matching schedules as much.
  5. $13. The Power Grid Power Plant Expansion Deck. Unplayed, since Larry's working out-of-town during the week, and also just bought a house.
  6. $4. One Magic:The Gathering Morningtide booster.
Aargh, I just realized I forgot to include the BoardGameGeek Math Trades I did - the shipping should go in here, too. I'm done math trading for a while, at least with stuff that won't fit in a USPS Priority Mail box surrounded by bubble wrap. I'm sick of making boxes for odd-sized, huge games and paying $16 to ship them.

My game-crafting-related purchases in 2008, sorted by utility, lowest-to-highest:
  1. $11.50. One pack of cardstock. Yes, it'd be cheaper to buy it at Sam's. Used a gift card to test this brand out.
  2. $14.50. One Fiskars self-healing cutting mat.
  3. $21.00. One Fiskars portable paper cutter. I've seen these models and wanted to try them out for myself.
  4. $2.98. Two packs of 1/2" flat head wooden furniture plugs. I used these as 18AL parts, and still have enough to finish making 18GA.
Overall, this has been a crazy year of acquisitions. I'm not sure why, and it's a little disconcerting. I expected to keep 2008 to a bare minimum on game purchases.

Next up: photos of the game shelves, with analysis.


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