Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sunday Gaming at Kevin's

I took Alex to Kevin Nunn's birthday party on Saturday. I played (and won) a game of Formel Fun with John, Amy, Michael Westin, Debra, and Kevin. The house was basically full starting from about 2:30 pm till I left at 8:30. Alex had a great time - Kevin has a Wii, and Joy's girls Erin and Morgan were there quite a bit of the time playing Dance Dance Revolution.
Anye and Jason were there, so I finally delivered my copy of Iron Dragon to her and collected my $25, to be spent on future games. They started a game of Tatinhasu (sp?).
The food was excellent - Marty Hoff brought his famous chocolate pie, there were chocolate-covered sunflower seeds from Candylicious, and a bruschetta/pesto bar had been carefully arranged as well.
After Formel Fun wrapped up, I helped Alex down for her nap, then almost played another of Kevin's prototypes about monkeys, then Alex got up again. Kevin Brusky was there briefly, and I got an update on the Duck Duck Go printing numbers and status (answers: quite a few, and on track).
I eventually got Nick (a fellow oil guy and creative writing major at UH), Astro, and Mike Dew to join me in my newly-finished copy of 18AL. It took us a while to get started, and we held the fort while everyone else went to Los Cucos for dinner. Alex and Mike's wife Melissa played with some Haba games, which I really need to price seriously. Tier Auf Tier was a hit with Alex, for instance. The 18AL game ended with Astro in first with over $5,200 in stock and cash, me second at around $4500, and Mike and Nick at less than that.
We did discover I am missing two tiles of high importance, but I had some extras from a paper set to replace them, so it was only a minor inconvenience.
Kevin passed me a copy of Regatta for the girls to try, and he and I are going to strategize to get a playtest session together sometime soon - he knows I have a high pain tolerance and am willing to do stop/restarts to get rule tweaks tested.
Overall, an excellent day. Alex did very well with Kevin and Debra's dog, ate and drank enough to not starve or dehydrate, and in general was on her best behavior.


Blogger debra said...

So glad you both had a good time. Hope it's not so long until your next visit.

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