Sunday, March 23, 2008 - a pleasant diversion, executed badly is an interesting attempt at providing free e-books.

It has two cool features:
  • content providers get paid (reportedly around $.50 per download)
  • high-quality PDFs of books and comics are available for free
This is more than balanced by the downsides:
  • the selection of materials is laughably small, making the "users who downloaded this also downloaded" feature nigh-worthless
  • the selection of materials is limited to textbooks, a few classics, horrible independent comics, and webcomics
  • the download feature is throttled to three downloads per day.
  • main site background is black.
  • Limited to US, non-free email addresses.
  • There is no content-uploader, so I can't join in the fun.
  • There is no user-interactivity. I can't write reviews, can't link to other things, there are no forums, there's no wiki. In short, I am a passive consumer of their site, and must leave. Where's the stickiness? How are they going to create passionate users?
I've been downloading for 4 days now, and am reasonably satisfied that I will have seen everything interesting available in their collection in about another week.


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