Saturday, March 15, 2008

This is brilliant marketing - gateway bundles

This is neat - has two bundles of introductory games:

Bundle One:

Ticket To Ride, Bohnanza, Carcassonne, Lost Cities, and Settlers of Catan, for a mere $109.99 plus free shipping. Lost Cities, Ticket To Ride, and Carcassonne all are great for two players (Lost Cities is a 2-only), and there's a nice mix of mechanics (set collection, tile laying, trading, hand management, and trading/building).

Bundle Two:

Alhambra, Ra, Thurn & Taxis, Notre Dame, and El Grande. Alhambra, Ra, and El Grande are favorites around our house. I haven't played Thurn & Taxis or Notre Dame... in the case of Notre Dame, because I've built enough cathedrals for now, thanks. Nevertheless, it's an excellent mix of mechanics and themes to build up a library quickly.

Third list of Gateway games:

Puerto Rico, Power Grid, Princes of Florence, Tigris & Euphrates, and Caylus. All great games, although I have decided not to acquire Princes of Florence or Caylus (Larry has a copy of Caylus, and for me, Medici scratches the same itch as Princes).

I'm always impressed when game stores take the time to figure out bundles like this, and even more impressed when they make good choices like the ones above.


Blogger Bill Shirley said...

um,... Notre Dame isn't "cathedral building" per say, people more often thing of it as "the plague" game

going to the cathedral and tithing is one of nine possible actions you can perform, and it's not a necessary one, though admittedly central to the theme of the game,

you should definitely try it (though not necessarily obtain it)

2:10 PM  

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