Monday, January 28, 2008

Math trade results + game of Can't Stop with the folks

The Cabin Fever math trade is over! I send out RoboRally, Dragonland, and some GURPS books (notably, I am shipping a copy of one of the books to the author, Steffan O'Sullivan), and am getting back a stack of Navia Drapt figures, Starship Catan, and 1870. Woot! Err, sorta.

Now comes the shipping, always a drag. 1870 is coming from Canada, which I swore I'd never do to someone else, but hey, I wanted it.

Also got in a game of Can't Stop with Mom and Dad while waiting for the trade results to come in. Have been playing Ra on BSW (17% win rate), and finally got in a few games of Lost Cities (lost, lost, lost Lost Cities).


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