Sunday, June 17, 2007

Houston Gamers: I learn another two new games

Tonight I tried out one of Kevin Nunn's prototypes with Kevin H., and after that Kevin H. brought out A Very Long German-Sounding-Title Deduction Game.

The prototype was interesting, and I suggested a few things to Kevin that sounded fun but unworkable. I've seen several of his prototypes go from meh to way-cool, so it's always interesting to get in on the ground floor.

The deduction game players were Kevin H, James Spurney, Amy Pike, Ed, Bill, and I. It's a secret-teams game where the object is to get certain cards in the hands of the partnership and declare victory, without incorrectly identifying any team members. It went on slightly too long for me, and I think the powers are a little unbalanced, but I'd still play it again.

Also, I bought 3 games from Ray Mulford, as he is selling some of his 1500-game collection to reclaim some space.


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