Sunday, June 03, 2007

Anniversary Trip

We spent a couple days out at the Kasper House Bed & Breakfast in Shiner, TX. I did partake of two bottles of Shiner 98 while we were at a steak house.

The Shiner Public Library is only a block away, and they graciously allowed us to borrow two DVDs for a day. Lee enjoyed Cars, and I enjoyed Madagascar and pretty much hated Cars with every fiber of my being.

Other than that, we played San Juan, Wyatt Earp, and 3 games of Merchant of Venus. It's my favorite chit-driven sci-fi randomized-start pick-up-and-deliver boardgame ever, ha ha. As a 2-player, it's actually fairly fast, lasting about 60-90 minutes. We have an excellent sorting system for the goods, people, IOU, factory deeds, and so on, so once the initial setup is complete, it's easy to jump in and play again.

Merchant of Venus used to run about $20 on Ebay, but word finally got out about it a few years ago, and now it routinely fetches $50 or more.

Speaking of Ebay, I just got outbid on another copy of Outpost. Just for fun, I go ahead and bid $75 on every copy that comes up. I've never been outbid in less than a day. I know Tom Lehmann, one of the two designers of Outpost, has a new game that's just been released called Phoenicia, with some elements of Outpost, yet with a shorter play time, and easier record-keeping.

[As an aside, I sent Tom an email recently and confirmed that his co-designer Jim Hlavaty owns the rights to Outpost. Tom was really nice and didn't even say "Hey, Todd, I'm releasing Phoenicia this month, and if you're a big Outpost fan, you should check it out." I'll say it here for him, instead.]


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