Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Sunday at Larry's: Blue Moon City - also, catch-up post

Sunday Larry and I found a hole in the rules to Blue Moon City. What happens when a player runs out of cubes? The rules seem to imply that the player who does this is stuck until someone else buys them out. Of course, in a two-player game, that means the second player can buy every unoccupied building and cash in.

Other than that, did I mention we playtested Chris and Veranne's game on Thursday? Well, we did. It was interesting and quite a workout - the co-op game is rough stuff when you're losing, and it took us a long time to kick the bucket. I still don't know how I feel about the game - but it has gotten me into a game-design mood myself, which hits me every year or so. I usually end up making half a prototype, then lose interest. Game balance is tough, I have a ton of games I like already, and our limited game time is so precious.

Gotta find my big stack of index cards, and I'm all set.


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