Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Awesome Math Trade List on Board Game Geek Part 2: Results

Well, the results of the big trade were posted, and I did... okay.

My 4 games turned out as follows:
  • My Big A, Little A/Frank's Zoo -> Settlers of Catan Travel edition - my 32nd pick of 66 entries
  • My umpty-odd Magic white uncommons -> Hoity Toity - my 36th pick of 66 entries
  • My German Starfarers -> Monkeys on the Moon - my 47th pick of 59 entries
  • My El Grande -> Hacienda - my 5th pick of 6 entries - most of whom dropped out with no listings, or had only 3 picks each. Bleh to you guys, too.
As I predicted, over half my El Grande picks dropped out of the list completely. Out of the top 10 most wanted games, I had listed 4 as wanted for my El Grande, and 8 of the 10 on my other 3 games.

With respect to probable game values... well, I broke even, maybe even came out a little ahead. I ended up with 4 games I wanted, and moved some stinkers out of my collection. Now I have to pack and ship all the games I promised, which is terrible.

I will absolutely and definitely participate in more of these trades. I can see listing 100+ Magic uncommons or 500+ Magic commons on every single list that will take them.

Only 2 people wanted my Magic cards.
Only 2 people wanted my copy of Big A, Little A.
Only 8 people wanted my copy of Starfarers, and was listed as last pick on 4 of those lists... people wanted it but not all that badly.
20 people wanted El Grande, and it was listed as the first pick on 6 of those lists...

Very interesting. I've already posted Amun-Re to another trade list, since it made the top-10 most wanted on the one that just finished.


Blogger Dan Corban said...

If I had known you would end up trading El Grande for my Hacienda, I would have just made a direct trade with you. ;)

However, I got the game I wanted for it: Durch die W├╝ste. If you read my review of Hacienda, you will see why.

8:48 AM  
Blogger Todd D. said...

For everyone's benefit, here's Dan's review:

7:34 AM  

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