Friday, February 22, 2013

A quick note to my search query folks

I love looking at the Google searches that people are using to get to my blog!

"does half price books have board games"
Qualified yes.  If the games are still in shrink, typically they'll be shelved in the game books section, between  Dungeons & Dragons and chess books.  Since the staff don't want to inventory open games, any game out of shrink will be marked at a couple of dollars and put in the Clearance section.  I've gotten two copies of Travel Blokus this way.
"Expedit board games"
I love our Expedit shelves for board game storage, and it's nearly perfect.  Two minor points: if you push the shelves all the way to the wall, you won't lose Travel Blokus pieces down behind the shelving, but if you do that, some games will stick out farther than others.  My thrifted copies of Mouse Trap stick out about 4" from the Expedit shelf itself.
"board games like High Frontier"
It depends on which axis you want to progress along.  If you like "pick up and deliver," then Lunar Rails or Merchant of Venus might be next logical steps.  If you like complex simulations, the other Sierra Madre games like American Megafauna or Origins: How We Became Human are hugely-complex affairs.  You should also check out Dominant Species (mix of mechanisms, similar competition for sites), and Here I Stand (all-day game, depth of study in the subject area).
"mike doyle game art"
Yes, Mike Doyle's game art is fantastic.

In other news, I need to do a wrap-up post on OwlCon.  Spoiler: it was fun!


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It is funny how Google ranks our pages some times. It shows up on some of the most random searches.

I have just started up a blog recently for an English class I am in and would love some feed back and any tips on how to make my blog grow. Here is the link to it. If you could check it out it would be greatly appreciated.

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