Monday, April 27, 2015

Life is busy

I'm getting in lots of games, but not getting back to blogging.,. I'm sitting on a game to review, learned a few new titles, and played the living daylights out of others.

If you know anyone who wants a copy of Glory To Rome: Black Box edition who has $150 to spend, please send them my way.


Anonymous Zach S said...

Hey Todd,

Sorry, this is probably not the right place for this; and it sounds like you already got a lot on your plate. But if you have time and want to take a look, my wife and I just launched a KS for our first kickstarter board game.

I read through your reviews and they are great. So actually, I think you would like this game :) But if you want to write about it too, I'd be much obliged.



11:20 AM  

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