Friday, October 02, 2009

Tim Scala Bim, also thrifting recap

Tim came over and he, Lee, and I played Roll Through The Ages.

Thrifting in the last week:
Bought Mousetrap, Bazaar, a beat-up Careers, and a Ravensburger game with only the board in it.
Skipped The Inventors, Zathura, and two copies of Risk, plus a ton of other non-notable usual thrift store garbage.

I gave the Ravensburger box to Alex, and she immediately concluded that it was about racing trains (since I had just got a copy of Railroad Dice). She asked me to make some player markers shaped like trains, which I did. She's still working on all the rules. You roll the dice, and either go forward, get passengers (which does nothing), or draw map tiles (which does nothing).

We are filling out the gifted and talented program application for her.


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