Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cashflow 101: Who is bootlegging it, and why?

I've been perusing Ebay* auctions for Cashflow 101, because I'm fascinated by the high prices it commands, and there's lots of boilerplate text obviously copy-pasted into them about the need to make sure you get a copy with the special pencils that are the proof you've got a genuine copy of the game.

Seriously, who the hell is making pirated copies of it? Even knowing that a copy of the game is ~$100 on Ebay, why would you go to the nightmarish effort of bootlegging it?

The only reasonable scenarios I can think of: 1. Whatever overseas printer is making copies of the game decided, on a whim, to print up a few thousand extra, and they "fell off the truck" in Singapore or whatever. 2. A bunch of copies "fell off the truck" right in sunny California and they're loose on the market. 3. Kiyosaki had some sort of dispute somewhere with someone doing a mass purchase of games, and that led to adding the pencils as a proof-of-authenticity claim.

Anyone know the story behind this? I find it doubly-ironic since pencils are pretty darn easy to make, compared to entire boardgames.

Yes, I already know about people counterfeiting individual Magic cards, which makes sense since the Power 9 will run you a few grand, and it's a lot less work than an entire boardgame. I am also aware that people "broke" the Eye of Judgment videogame/collectible card game using high-quality printed scans to fool the scanner into thinking they had all the rare cards.


Anonymous Me said...

Thx for the post, good stuff. I was amazed it was that much, but not surprised, and you outlined all the reasons it could be bootlegged.

Have you seen the game?

2:22 PM  
Blogger Todd D. said...

Yes, I have seen it and played it. It's okay, I guess. I would pay about $40 for it if I were in the right mood.

5:24 PM  

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